4th Annual Street Soccer Charity Tournament – Presented by the NFADA and WSIS

Westside International Soccer Tournament 2016

Support free soccer for youth in Buffalo!

West Side International Soccer is a mentoring program that provides totally FREE soccer programming for over 300 underprivileged children throughout the city of Buffalo. WSIS provides a safe place to play while working to instill confidence, discipline, teamwork and a sense of responsibility in our players which extends beyond themselves and into their community.

This year, West Side International Soccer’s largest annual fundraiser, Street Soccer Buffalo 4v4 Charity Tournament 2016 will be held on July 9th at Front Park located on the West Side of Buffalo near the Peace Bridge. Ages 17+.

On July 9th, people and cultures from around the world will come together in a celebration of peace, friendship and diversity as expressed through the beautiful game in its most elemental and accessible form – street soccer. Parking lots, empty fields, and city blocks become the arenas in which players develop their skills and cherish community.

We will need around 10-15 volunteers throughout the day to help with set up, registration, t-shirts, food/drinks, score recording, clean up and other tasks to help the event flow smoothly. Shift times will be from 8-10am for setup, 9:45am-1:30pm, 1:15-5pm and 5pm-6pm for cleanup. If you would like to help out this fantastic organization, email johanna@bteambuffalo.com!

Areas of Need Team description Setup (8-10) 9:45am-1:30pm 1:15pm-5pm Cleanup
General 6 4
Concessions Food help sell food & drink concessions 2 2
Grill cook Food basic grilling of hotdogs & hamburgers 1 1
Referees Courts refereeing the games with nearly normal soccer rules 6 6
Field support Courts support the field marshal and referees, record scores, water runs 3 3
Check In Admin help teams check in/register upon arrival, direct them to tournament staff for questions 2 2
Emcee / DJ Admin make announcements and help with the music 1 1
Photography take lots of pictures during event 1 1



Not only does Westside International Soccer need volunteers for their annual fundraiser, but they need volunteers all year round as well! Volunteers help coach the children’s teams and no previous experience is required. Volunteers are also needed to assist with the behind the scenes tasks that help ensure that children continue to have the opportunity to participate in this program free of cost. If you have any interest in becoming involved with Westside International Soccer, email wsisoccer@gmail.com for more information.

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