Celebrate National Nonprofit Day with B Team!

The 17th of August is National Nonprofit Day. It’s a recent holiday, officially enacted in 2017 to educate people about the scope and scale of the nonprofit sector. It also aims to acknowledge and empower employees of nonprofit companies, those on the front lines. It’s a great reminder for everyone to celebrate the tremendous impact that nonprofit organizations have, from the immediate communities in which they operate to a global scale of influence. 

Through their work, nonprofits offer crucial educational, health, and social services to those who need support. They shine spotlights on – and raise money for – issues previously under addressed. Beneath the massive umbrella term exist organizations as varied and specific as environmental nonprofits focused on renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, or animal welfare; nonprofits advocating for women’s rights and liberties; nonprofit organizations focused on harm reduction projects and ending drug overdoses; health and sex education service providers; community organizations that provide shelter, resources, and food for homeless people in their cities, and the list goes on.

The B Team Buffalo is a registered nonprofit organization led by young professionals dedicated to promoting a lasting sense of civic pride in the Greater Buffalo area. Our organization has several signature community-focused projects that we’ve developed over the years, including City of Light and Pints & Pads. The B Team also assists other organizations with the development, staffing, promotion, and execution of volunteer-driven, Buffalo-focused events – like the National Chicken Wing Festival. We aim in particular to inspire community engagement that translates into ongoing change.

You may be wondering how exactly you or your team can celebrate National Nonprofit Day. The best answer is to support a local nonprofit organization that is working towards a future you’d like to see! Figuring out which organization to get involved with in your community may seem like a daunting task for some. The best way to approach the decision of where to invest your time and energy is by considering which issues or goals you have a personal concern for.

Once you’ve identified an organization, often the most beneficial way to support a local nonprofit is by directly volunteering your time or skills! Most groups have many tasks to accomplish but rarely enough staff to tackle them all in a timely manner. What your volunteer time consists of exactly could vary considerably depending on the organization and what it does on a day-to-day basis. It could range from just a few hours once a month to serving as a full time board member. Nonprofit organizations are also frequently seeking people with specialized skill sets like accounting, social media management, fundraising/grant writing, etc. Donating your skills is an especially attractive option for volunteering during pandemic social distancing; just reach out to the nonprofit of your choice asking what they are in need of or interested in. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the B Team as opportunities arise at various community oriented events, reach out to us by email! We are always seeking volunteers to add to our roster of potentially interested people to reach out to when there is a new chance to volunteer at an event. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our signature events, be on the lookout for calls for volunteer opportunities on our social media and website.

Another necessary and straightforward way of supporting your local nonprofit is by donating. One of the hallmarks of a nonprofit is that they don’t raise profits — they rely on governmental and private grants, as well as monetary donations from businesses and everyday people who support their respective cause to operate and function. If you have the means, making a one time donation to nonprofits is helpful. If you really want to make a significant difference in the long term, becoming a monthly donor is extremely helpful. If you’re not able to donate directly, consider passively donating to a nonprofit like B Team through an online shopping tool like Amazon Smile, which donates 0.5% of each order to a charity of your choice. 

Other ways to get involved on National Nonprofit Day are by boosting social media, blog, or newsletter content from a local organization you follow. Encourage friends and family to not only volunteer and donate in general, but also to attend community events like B-Team’s. Opening up your network and connecting key relationships and valuable resources to the nonprofit of your choice is also a great way to help the group grow. There are so many great ways to get involved with a favorite or new nonprofit of your choice — and the best part is that no matter what you offer, you’ll be making a big difference!

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