City of Light 2015 – Indiegogo Campaign

We invite you to be a part of preparations for our 8th annual City of Light by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign. You can receive a commemorative City of Light 2015 ornament for your donation depending on the level of donation you choose to make. Check out the photo of the ornament below for a preview. A donation as small as $3 can brighten a home by providing a set of lights. A donation of $10 can show our celebratory and festive spirit by helping us adorn a home with many feet of garland. We are in the process of buying the decorations and other items for this event. Funds that we have raised from other sponsors have helped us fill two shopping carts as shown below. The residents of the Seneca-Babcock neighborhood get to keep the lights and other decorations, so your donation can contribute to celebrations for years and years! To visit our COL 2015 Indiegogo campaign site, click here. Thank you in advance for your support!


COL Ornament 2015 COL 2015 - Shopping Carts

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